Quick Reference – Joint Type Study Guide

What is a Joint:

  • Joint: Where two or more bones meet..
    • * Etymology: joint (n.) late 13c., “a part of a body where two bones meet and move in contact with one another,” from Old French joint “joint of the body” (12c.), from Latin iunctus “united, connected, associated,” past participle ofiungere “join” (see jugular). (Etymology Online)
  • The naming of joints:
    • The names of joints are nothing to be intimidated by -no matter how long or complex the word may appear. Joints are generally named by combining the names of the two bones or prominences in contact with one another. (The technical term for combed words is a portmanteau)
      • Examples:
        • The shoulder is technically referred to as the glenohumeral joint – where the humerus meets the glenoid fossa of the scapula.
        • The knee is technically referred to as the tibiofemoral joint – where the tibia meets the femur meet
  • Joint Motion: