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Special Tests Covered in this Lesson:

Special Notes on AC Joint Special Tests:

Two or more positive tests in the AC Joint Test-item cluster increases the likelihood ratios a small amount over the Resisted Extension Test alone (25). In general, apprehension tests are slightly more specific than sensitive (1-2, 4-5, 7, 14, 17, 25-27, 30). Performing Obrien's Active Compression Test first represents the use of this Test as a "pivot" from the Instability/Labrum Composite Test-item Cluster, as pain in or on top of the AC joint may indicate AC joint pathology (7, 14, 22). Pain with palpation of the AC joint may be an effective screen. One study showed 96% sensitivity (better than any other Test) and 10% specificity, implying that a negative Test results in a