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A Better Corrective Exercise Certification by Design

The HMS features innovative delivery of a curriculum based on an evidence-based, systematic, integrated, client-centered, and outcome-driven model.

All courses also approved for Continuing Education Credits

Certification Roadmap

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Integrated Functional Anatomy of Muscles

12 credits

Overhead Squat Assessment

4 credits

Movement Assessment

4 credits

Corrective Exercise

20 credits


2 credits

Postural Dysfunction and Movement Impairment

6 credits

Research Corner

2 credits


10 credits

HMS Certification

60 credits

The Brookbush Institute is the best-reviewed certification and course provider in the industry.

The H.M.S. is the most valuable certificate I have earned and was a fraction of the the cost of my others. Define the best bang for your buck!

I have taken both the Human Movement Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer certificate programs and have found the value in understanding the how and ways the body moves and functions and from evidence, non-biased, outcome, conceptual, theoretical, and practical approach to helping my clients/patients look better, feel better, and move better.

Having courses count towards different certifications makes it so users can transition seamlessly from one certification to another. In my case, going from earning the BI CPT to earning the BI HMS was an easy decision and I am proud to have earned both certifications. I have also had the pleasure of going to a Live HMS workshop that was well taught by Instructor Boettcher and that was excellent to see how the methods and techniques are implemented.

Over the last years I've returned time and again to Brookbush Institute for stellar coursework as I've worked toward a Human Movement Specialist certification. (I'm currently ACE CPT, and in training with Anatomy Trains for Structural Integration Manual Therapy.) Every Brookbush Institute module is fantastic and each one includes detailed informational videos, written descriptions of how to-do, and, more importantly, why to-do!

I have almost completed my CPT certification and am half-way through the Human Movement certification to inform my massage practice. The different modalities of reading, watching audiovisual materials, and attending live or recorded webinars have been important to my learning style and for review.

I am getting my Master's degree in Kinesiology, and I would like to say that I have benefited greatly from the rich, comprehensive, well-documented scientific content of Brookbush Institute that links theory to practical applications. Proudly I've got my CPT certificate, and I am on my way to get my HMS certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the CPT, HMS and IMT certifications?

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) focuses on "Strength and Performance". Human Movement Specialist (HMS) focuses on "Corrective Exercise". Integrated Manual Therapist (IMT) focuses on "Manual Therapy".

Do I need to complete additional credits to maintain my certification?

Yes, we do support the minimum standard of 20 additional credits/hours of education per 2-year period to maintain certification status. However, we have completely disrupted the re-certification process. With BrookbushInstitute.com your certification will expire 2 years from the last course you took, within a 2-year period with 20 credits completed. I know that sounds complicated, but the result is a massive simplification of the re-certification process. This means that as long as you take 1-3 courses a quarter, your expiration date will be extended indefinitely. And, this is automatic, you never have to worry about some clumsy process of submitting certificates or paying additional fees. Your account will automatically be updated every time you take a course.

How many credits/hours do I need to complete the Human Movement Specialist (HMS) Certification?

60 Credits - Each credit is estimated to be 1 hour of study, based on the Mergener Formula. However, there is no time limits, and you are free to take as long (or as short) as you need to finish a course.

How long does it take to complete the certification?

It depends on how fast you can finish approximately 60 hours of online study. There are no time limits or expiration dates. One of the many things we love about the monthly membership model is giving students the ability to dictate the pace of their education.

What is covered in the Human Movement Specialist (HMS) Certification:

The HMS certification is corrective exercise focused. This certification requires the completion of credits in the following categories:

  • Corrective Exercise
  • Movement Assessment
  • Postural Dysfunction and Movement Impairment
  • Integrated Functional Anatomy of Muscles
  • Research Corner
  • Electives

Do courses count toward Certification and Continuing Education Credits?

Yes, all courses are courses count toward certification and have been approved for continuing education credits with a growing number of organizations. For more information visit our accreditation page.

If I cancel my membership will I lose my certification status?

Your certification is valid as long as you have completed 20 credit hours of education on the Brookbush Institute platform within the last 2 years. Certification status is not tied to your membership status. You do not lose certifications, nor do you lose progress toward any certification when you cancel. You can re-joint at any time and pick-up where you left off.

What counts as an elective credit for a certification?

Any course within the professional’s scope that was not needed to meet mandatory certification requirements or used as an elective for another certification.

What is the cost of the certification?

There is no additional cost for certification, it is included in the cost of a membership ($19.99/month or $199/year).

What work or position does the Human Movement Specialist (HMS) Certification help you acquire?

Without any additional education, and assuming you are in the USA or Canada, you could potentially work as a personal trainer. We do have insurance partners in the USA and Canada that will insure a professional with this credential alone (see below). However, we would recommend starting with the Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification. The HMS credential was designed to be an additional or advanced credential focused on optimizing movement with corrective/therapeutic exercise.

Liability insurance partners:

  • United States - insurefitness.com/partners/brookbush
  • Canada - www.ineedapolicy.com

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