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Friday, May 17, 2024

Cost Comparison: Top Corrective Exercise Certification Programs

Cost Comparison: Top Corrective Exercise Certification Programs
Brent Brookbush

Brent Brookbush


Which corrective exercise certification is the best for you based on the cost, delivery, and features?

By Dr. Brent Brookbush, DPT, PT, MS, CPT, HMS, IMT


In our effort to provide a transparent and comprehensive cost comparison of corrective exercise programs, we have meticulously compiled and compared prices from various competitors. To ensure accuracy, we have included the lowest available prices from each competitor's website and provided direct hyperlinks to the relevant pages. This allows you to verify the information yourself.

We recognize the potential for perceived bias as we are comparing our own prices against those of our competitors. However, our goal is to offer an objective analysis that helps you make an informed decision. As a company, we aspire to earn a reputation for being 10 times better than the competition based on accuracy, delivery, convenience, and price. We have no intention of "lying our way to the top." Our mission is simple, "develop the education platform all of us wish existed."

This article aims to present all the necessary information for our colleagues to make well-informed choices. Please note that prices and links are subject to change. If you encounter any discrepancies, such as broken links or updated prices, we encourage you to notify us in the comments section or by contacting our Support Team .

Corrective Exercise Certification Prices

Note: Prior attendance to one or all of these courses is required to register for any secondary or tertiary courses offered by PRI.

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Certification Bundle Prices

Corrective Exercise Certification Features:

  • Brookbush Institute (BI) :
    • Innovative modular course, iterative exam, and credit system
    • Includes video lectures, video demonstrations, text, audio, illustrations, activities, case studies with sample programs, practice exams, CE-approved final exams, and webinars.
    • The only comprehensively evidence-based corrective exercise program (all courses built from comprehensive systematic research review)
    • American Council of Education (ACofE) approved and college-credit-worthy
    • No Summative Final Exam
    • No timeline for completing the certification
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) :
    • Includes video, text, audio, illustrations, activities, and practice exam
    • Webinars and video lectures are only available with premium self-study.
    • 100-question multiple choice summative final exam
    • 365 days to take the exam
  • American Council of Exercise (ACE) :
    • E-book
    • Hard-copy available ($99.00)
    • Quizzes for each module
    • No set deadline
  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) :
    • E-book with practice exams
    • Access to a video library of exercises
    • Multiple-choice Summative Final Exam (8-12 months to take the exam)
  • Gray Institute (GI) :
    • 23 hours of video and "supporting documents"
    • Pass section exams
    • Could not find information about the deadline
  • Functional Movement System :
    • Video lectures on the FMS Screen
    • When compared to the other certifications, this course provides the least content on corrective exercises.
    • One year to access online courses from the date of purchase
    • Count not find information about exams
  • Postural Restoration Institute (PRI):
    • Video from the live 15-hour lecture and lab course
    • Must be completed within 21 days of receiving online access.

NOTE: Pricing is current as of 5/1/2024 based on the lowest available offerings, including sales.

Dr. Brent Brookbush Explaining the Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Maximus Isolated Activation
Caption: Dr. Brent Brookbush Explaining the Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Maximus Isolated Activation

What If a Corrective Exercise Certification Was FREE?

Corrective exercise certifications and other advanced credentials are often prohibitively expensive. However, imagine a different business model where an organization offers all its certifications for a single fee. This approach resolves several issues, particularly regarding cost. For instance, if you're already pursuing a certification like our Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) or Integrated Manual Therapist (IMT) , you could start, try, finish, or switch to the Human Movement Specialist (HMS – our corrective exercise-focused certification – without incurring any additional fees. The Brookbush Institute embodies this innovative model. Instead of paying $599.00 to $2000.00 per certification, our Netflix-like membership includes all certifications and courses with no extra charges or hidden fees. This membership structure allows you to pursue as much education as you desire, free from the post-purchase costs that other certifying organizations impose. For more information on the "true cost" of certifications, visit:

Stop Getting Double, Triple, and Quadruple Billed

Switching to a membership model with the Brookbush Institute eliminates the need to pay separately for continuing education credits (CECs/CEUs/CPDs), certifications, advanced credentials, and re-certification. All our courses are pre-approved for continuing education credits, contribute to our third-party approved and college credit-worthy certifications, and automatically count toward re-certification for any completed certification. As you complete certifications with the Brookbush Institute, you are simultaneously preparing for re-certification or license renewal. Credits earned for a second certification will apply to continuing education, your next certification, and re-certification of your previous certification. If you pursue a third certification, those credits will automatically apply to your first two certifications. This seamless process requires no additional action from you—it’s all automatic!

It Needs to be Convenient and Accessible on the Go

Many educators overlook the benefits of mobile accessibility, self-paced on-demand courses, and user-friendly interfaces in reducing education costs. They often forget that education costs extend beyond course fees to include time, lost work, childcare, travel, lodging, study aids, texts, and equipment. It's as if education is where customer service and convenience go to die. Unlike Amazon and Netflix, education remains inaccessible, expensive, and inconvenient.

However, the world has changed, and education needs to catch up. Education should be easily accessible via desktop or mobile device, simple to start and stop, and consumable in smaller chunks. The Brookbush Institute has revolutionized educational content delivery to fit seamlessly into the schedules of working individuals. At the Brookbush Institute, you can complete a course in a single session (or a few sessions), pass a brief final exam (7-15 questions), earn your credits, and be done with the content. We've eliminated the stressful single-shot, pass-or-fail summative final exam. With us, earned credits are permanent, bringing you closer to certification without the pressure of a back-breaking final exam or time limits on completion.

Our courses are designed for the working professional with a tight schedule. Whether during a cancellation, between appointments, on a commute, or during a lunch break, you can pull out your phone or laptop and complete another credit or two.

End Summative Final Exams

To enhance education in our field, we advocate for replacing cram-and-forget final exams with iterative testing tied to coursework progress. This method not only assesses students' skills effectively but also fosters ongoing learning. Additionally, ditching traditional proctored summative exams eliminates hidden fees, including exam fees, rescheduling fees, and exam retake fees, saving students hundreds of dollars. The BI HMS certification provides a flexible option: a collection of short courses, each offering a practice exam and a short final exam (7-20 questions), accessible anytime from any device. All of this is included in membership with no additional costs.

It Has to be Evidence-based:

Failing to provide accurate information not only wastes students' time but also incurs additional expenses as they must unlearn incorrect information and invest in additional courses to acquire accurate knowledge. It's crucial to prevent colleagues from experiencing the frustration of realizing they've studied incorrect material for hours, days, or even months. Many corrective exercise certifications rely on outdated or incomplete content, often based on the opinions of a single individual without proper citation or evidence. Social media exacerbates this issue by promoting controversial figures who cherry-pick sources to support their claims, diverting the industry from evidence-based practices. That's why our courses are meticulously crafted, beginning with comprehensive systematic research reviews to ensure the highest level of accuracy and efficacy. Neglecting accuracy in practice can also result in financial losses for students, as ineffective interventions can lead to decreased client acquisition, retention, and income potential. It's imperative that educators prioritize accuracy to provide colleagues with the best chance of success and avoid financial losses stemming from inadequate education. For more on this topic, check out:

It Has to be Practical:

If a method isn't practical, it won't enhance results. Without improved outcomes, there's no improvement in client acquisition or retention, ultimately hindering professional growth. What's needed are actionable techniques, not just theories. A top-notch corrective exercise certification should prioritize assessments and exercises, offering sample routines for real-world application. While a solid scientific foundation is crucial, knowing how to apply it matters more. The best certifications empower practitioners to excel from day one. They go beyond basic cues, providing a wide array of easily adaptable exercises matched to various assessment findings. These techniques should be versatile, motivating professionals to innovate. At the Brookbush Institute, we offer a rich library of videos covering assessments and exercises with clear progressions, regressions, and room for experimentation. Our Human Movement Specialist (HMS) certification emphasizes continuous assessment and improvement, ensuring optimal outcomes based on measurable results. Unlike courses relying on subjective feedback, our evidence-based, systematic approach prioritizes objectively measurable progress over short-term feelings.

Isolated activation for the tibialis anterior muscle
Caption: Isolated activation for the tibialis anterior muscle

Netflix in a World of Blockbuster Videos

If Netflix can revolutionize entertainment, so can we for education. The Brookbush Institute offers a superior, all-inclusive platform for $29.99/month (or $299/year). In contrast, the rest of the industry charges between $400 and $2200 per certification, often hiding numerous "post-purchase fees." While we innovate with easy access via website and mobile app, a growing library of courses, and flexible study options, others cling to outdated textbooks and a single, pass-or-fail final exam at a testing center.

Learning from Blockbuster

Remember when Blockbuster Video charged $1.99 to rent a video? That was just the beginning. They also charged $2.99-$4.99 for new releases, $39-$85 to buy a video, $24.99-$29.99 monthly membership fees, and marked-up in-store items like snacks. Worst of all were the rage-inducing late fees. A simple $10 movie night could quickly turn into a $40 ordeal. Plus, you had to visit the store, endure long lines, and return the videos on time to avoid penalties.

Paradigm Shift

Then Netflix arrived, offering a low monthly fee with a vast library of shows, movies, and documentaries accessible anytime, anywhere, without late fees or hidden charges. Netflix didn't just improve on Blockbuster; it introduced a whole new business model that exponentially enhanced the cost and experience of renting entertainment.

The Netflix of Corrective Exercise Certifications in an industry full of Blockbusters:

Why do corrective exercise certifications cost so much for just a textbook and an exam? Many companies charge exorbitantly for "advanced credentials" when they are just extra chapters on their basic product with a new label. Further, did you know most certifications charge for additional study aids and exam preparation materials (e.g., practice exams)? Or that most certifications charge an "extension fee (late charge)" if you do not take your exam by a certain date? Did you know most certifications charge a re-test fee if you do not pass the exam the first time? Additionally, most certifications charge recertification fees and recertification extension fees. And, most companies charge a premium rate for continuing education courses done through their organization which they prefer for recertification (again, often similar material repackaged). This industry needs to be disrupted. The Brookbush Institute is committed to being the Netflix of education, offering a comprehensive, affordable, and innovative solution in an industry still stuck in the Blockbuster era.

“Totally loving the convenience and affordability of this program with my crazy lifestyle! I feel like I am getting a quality education without a massive cost! I enjoy the sense of humor, as well as the easy explanation, and short tests.” - Kelli Martin⁠
Caption: “Totally loving the convenience and affordability of this program with my crazy lifestyle! I feel like I am getting a quality education without a massive cost! I enjoy the sense of humor, as well as the easy explanation, and short tests.” - Kelli Martin⁠