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All courses are pre-approved for continuing education credits (CECs) thumbnail

All courses are pre-approved for continuing education credits (CECs)

Every course counts toward CEs and certification for a variety of manual therapy professions, in countries all over the world.

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Advanced Credentials Built for Busy Professionals thumbnail

Advanced Credentials Built for Busy Professionals

We have redesigned certification so that busy individuals can continue their education without sacrificing work and weekends. Short, self-paced, multi-media courses are designed to facilitate your custom education plan.

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Truly Evidence-based thumbnail

Truly Evidence-based

We are the first education company to build every course from a comprehensive review of ALL original experimental and observational studies. No opinions, just unprecedented levels of scientific accuracy.

The only true Monthly Membership in the Industry thumbnail

The only true Monthly Membership in the Industry

You can cancel anytime, and all courses, features, and study aides are included (no additional fees).

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Brookbush Institute is accredited or approved by the following organizations.

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What our students are saying

thoroughly detailed explanation

We learn principles in academia, we learn cool new modalities via whatever specialty certification, but BBI really concentrates on the nuances of passive treatment and they do a fantastic job. The format in which BBI instructs soft tissue specialists (DPTs, Chiros, ATs) like myself feels like almost like an apprenticeship. You get a thoroughly detailed explanation of the “why’s”, and a visual comprehension of how to apply. Personally, I believe application is where the good and the great are distinguished.

Drew Kim
Drew Kim

specific and effective tools

Brookbush Institute has the most detailed, specific and effective tools for online learning for movement and/or bodywork professionals. I love the combination of the videos as well as the text available online.

Mona Meline
Mona Meline

convenience and affordability

Totally loving the convenience and affordability of this program with my crazy lifestyle! I feel like I am getting a quality education without a massive cost! My favorite part is the videos I can watch in the courses. I learn so much better that way. Once I really spent more time on the site, I figured out how to maneuver around a lot better! I enjoy the sense of humor, as well as the easy explanation, and short tests. And if I am really tired, I can have the computer read me the lessons. 😁

Kelli Martin
Kelli Martin

education is invaluable

I have my personal trainer certificate through here and am almost finished my human movement specialist certification. Overall, the education that Brookbush has packaged together for clinicians and trainers is invaluable. I am a physio assistant so coming from more of a rehab background I appreciate that this education has been beneficial both as a trainer and in a rehab setting. I love that I have been able to do all learning at my own pace and able to work around my schedule. Thank you for setting up this platform! Highly recommend :)

Danae Belair
Danae Belair

incredibly helpful

Brookbush has been incredibly helpful since I was in massage school and now as I’m in my career! I run my own practice and it gives me the resources I need to not only improve what I already know, but also help me navigate better, more efficient ways of treatment.

Casey Boland
Casey Boland
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