Cadaver Dissection reveiling the anterior side of the cervical spine with clear depiction of the deep neck flexors (longus colli and longus capitis)

Anterior Cervical Spine in Cadaveric Dissection - By Anatomist90 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

What’s in a name

  • Longus - long (adj.) "that extends considerably from end to end," Old English lang "long," from Proto-Germanic *langgaz (cognates: Old Frisian and Old Saxon lang, Old High German and German lang, Old Norse langr, Middle Dutch lanc, Dutch lang, Gothic laggs "long"). (Etymology online)
  • Capitis - capital (adj.) early 13c., "of or pertaining to the head," from Old French capital, from Latin capitalis "of the head," hence "capital, chief, first," from caput (genitive capitis) "head" (see capitulum). (Etymology online)
  • Colli - collinear (adj.), 1863, from col- + linear. (Etymology online)
    • Col - com- word-forming element usually meaning "with, together," from Latin com, archaic form of classical Latin cum "together, together with, in combination," from PIE *kom- "beside, near, by, with" (compare Old English ge-, German ge-). (Etymology Online)
    • Li - linear (adj.) - 1640s, from French linéaire, from Latin linearis "belonging to a line," from linea "string, line" (see line (n.). (Etymology online)
  • Rectusrectify (v.) c.1400, from Old French rectifier, literally “to make straight” (14c.), from Late Latin rectificare “make right,” from Latin rectus “straight” (see right (adj.1)) + root of facere “to