Rober Taylor - ... Recently I had a conversation about stretching an the how, when and what questions came up. We discussed practice plans and program design while looking at a bunch of scenarios other schools are using. It confused me and I am sure it confuses others too. Check out what this research says about stretching and potential performance outcomes. Do you or your athletes stretch before activities? Dynamic, static, PNF or myofascilal release? How much time do you set aside for performance flexibility training on a daily or weekly basis?

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Marina Aagaard, MFT • The answer: To stretch! Poor flexibility/mobility hinders optimal performance and health.

However, the question is: Who, what (goal), which muscles, how, how long, when???

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Robert Taylor • Hello Marina. Thank you for contributing to the discussion. The term "flexibility" is interpreted MANY ways now a days. It used to mean "sit and stretch" and was done at the beginning of a "practice" as a "warm-up." The field has moved considerably away from this definition and the questions you indicated are even more appropriate. Do you have any research to share as to the "Who, what, which muscles, how, how long, and when" questions?

Marina Aagaard, MFT • Hi Robert,

Yes, many interpretations and uses (for): Warm-up, sports preparation, cool-down, relaxation, rehabilitation, etc. With specific stretches: Active, passive, dynamic, static.

No research handy at present; I am in the process of collecting data and will share later.

Robert Taylor • Hello again Marina. Thanks for the reply. I look forward to reading what you share later. Bummer that if you are in the process of collecting, you couldn't share some information on the topic. Hopefully it is worth waiting for and I get a chance to