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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Ankle and Wrist Weights for Weight Loss

Brent Brookbush

Brent Brookbush


A “[Fitness or Fiction](http://www.amazon.com/Fitness-Fiction-Truth-About-Exercise/dp/0615503012/ref=sr11?ie=UTF8&qid=1325465447&sr=8-1 ""Fitness or Fiction"")” inspired question:

Adriana Salgado Neira asks:

What is your opinion about ankle/wrist weights… I have a friend who is wearing them all the time even when she is done with her workout, at work, at home etc.

B2: Great Question Adriana,

Wearing ankle weights will increase the amount of calories she burns, but at a cost. The body is a very finely balanced machine; like the gears in a high-quality Swiss watch. Adding ankle and wrist weights to your extremities changes that balance, and if worn continuously this may lead to changes in posture and increase wear and tear on joints. In the long run this could lead to injury. Although I appreciate her dedication, I would not recommend wearing ankle weights or wrist weights, unless they are being used for a specific exercise. I certainly could not recommend that an individual wears ankle and wrist weights during their daily activity.