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Occupational Therapists can earn AOTA pre-approved continuing education credits (CECs) while simultaneously earning the industry's best-reviewed and only 3rd party approved manual therapy, corrective exercise, and personal training certifications. The best part is it's all included with a monthly membership (cancel anytime) designed to enhance the affordability, on-the-go access, and convenience of completing continuing education.




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Why The Brookbush Institute?

All courses are pre-approved for continuing education credits (CECs)

Courses approved by the AOTA for CEs and our award-winning certifications!

Advanced Credentials Built for Busy Professionals

We have redesigned certification so that busy individuals can continue their education without sacrificing work and weekends. Short, self-paced, multi-media courses are designed to facilitate your custom education plan.

Truly Evidence-based

We are the first education company to build every course from a comprehensive review of ALL original experimental and observational studies. No opinions, just unprecedented levels of scientific accuracy.

The only true Monthly Membership in the Industry

You can cancel anytime, and all courses, features, and study aides are included (no additional fees).

The Brookbush Institute is the best-reviewed certification and course provider in the industry.

Totally loving the convenience and affordability of this program with my crazy lifestyle! I feel like I am getting a quality education without a massive cost! My favorite part is the videos I can watch in the courses. I learn so much better that way. Once I really spent more time on the site, I figured out how to maneuver around a lot better! I enjoy the sense of humor, as well as the easy explanation, and short tests. And if I am really tired, I can have the computer read me the lessons. 😁

I have been following Brent Brookbush for nearly a decade- back when I was a personal Trainer and now as a Physical Therapist. BBI is an incredible resource for any movement nerds and corrective exercise specialists! The information is thorough with multiple real world applications. I am looking forward to an in-person Manual Therapist course the second they do one a little bit closer to Virginia ;)

We learn principles in academia, we learn cool new modalities via whatever specialty certification, but BBI really concentrates on the nuances of passive treatment and they do a fantastic job. The format in which BBI instructs soft tissue specialists (DPTs, Chiros, ATs) like myself feels like almost like an apprenticeship. You get a thoroughly detailed explanation of the “why’s”, and a visual comprehension of how to apply. Personally, I believe application is where the good and the great are distinguished.

Hands down the best resource for staying current on sports science, rehab, and corrective exercise techniques. Not to mention, accredited certifications that prepare you to effectively and accurately enhance human movement. What I like the most is how the learning format allows professionals to gain a deeper knowledge than your typical online certification.

I have been a member of BBI for years and every course I have taken has been incredibly informative. I learn more from these courses than I do at local CEU courses for my PTA license. I also earned my CPT and HMS certifications through the platform. It was so convenient and the content was top notch! Forever member.

I have my personal trainer certificate through here and am almost finished my human movement specialist certification. Overall, the education that Brookbush has packaged together for clinicians and trainers is invaluable. I am a physio assistant so coming from more of a rehab background I appreciate that this education has been beneficial both as a trainer and in a rehab setting. I love that I have been able to do all learning at my own pace and able to work around my schedule. Thank you for setting up this platform! Highly recommend :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the CPT, HMS and IMT certifications?

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) focuses on "Strength and Performance". Human Movement Specialist (HMS) focuses on "Corrective Exercise". Integrated Manual Therapist (IMT) focuses on "Manual Therapy".

How many credits/hours do I need to complete the Integrated Manual Therapist (IMT) Certification?

80 Credits - Each online credit is estimated to be 1 hour of study, based on the Mergener Formula. However, there is no time limits, and you are free to take as long (or as short) as you need to finish a course. 16 credit hours of this certification are fulfilled by attending a 2-day live workshop.

How long does it take to complete the certification?

It depends on how fast you can finish approximately 64 hours of online study and attend the 16-hour live workshop. There are no time limits or expiration dates. One of the many things we love about the monthly membership model is giving students the ability to dictate the pace of their education.

Do courses count toward Certification and Continuing Education Credits?

Yes, all courses are courses count toward certification and have been approved for continuing education credits with a growing number of organizations. For more information visit our accreditation page.

What counts as an elective credit for a certification?

Any course within the professional’s scope that was not needed to meet mandatory certification requirements or used as an elective for another certification.

If I cancel my membership will I lose my certification status?

Your certification is valid as long as you have completed 20 credit hours of education on the Brookbush Institute platform within the last 2 years. Certification status is not tied to your membership status. You do not lose certifications, nor do you lose progress toward any certification when you cancel. You can re-joint at any time and pick-up where you left off.

How do I become certified?

Once you are a member you will have access to our entire library of courses. Each certification requires that you finish a certain number of credits in selected course categories. (Course credits that also count as CECs). Once you have completed enough credits in each category, you will be awarded your certificate. Because the IMT is teaching manual therapy techniques, two additional steps are required to achieve certification. You must upload a copy of your license, demonstrating that manual therapy is within your scope of practice. And, you have to complete the 16 hour live Integrated Manual Therapy Workshop.

Do I need to complete additional credits to maintain my certification?

Yes, we do support the minimum standard of 20 additional credits/hours of education per 2-year period to maintain certification status. However, we have completely disrupted the re-certification process. With BrookbushInstitute.com your certification will expire 2 years from the last course you took, within a 2-year period with 20 credits completed. I know that sounds complicated, but the result is a massive simplification of the re-certification process. This means that as long as you take 1-3 courses a quarter, your expiration date will be extended indefinitely. And, this is automatic, you never have to worry about some clumsy process of submitting certificates or paying additional fees. Your account will automatically be updated every time you take a course.

Can I take multiple certifications, or switch certifications?

We recommend that you finish one certification at a time, but you can switch certifications, and any course you pass will be automatically credited toward the relevant certification. The best part is that all certifications and online courses are included in membership, so there is no penalty for changing your mind.

What is the cost of the certification?

64 of the 80 credits required to achieve the IMT certification are included in membership. The cost of a membership is $19.99/month or $199/year. However, the IMT has two requirements that are different from the CPT and HMS, due to the increased responsibility that is implied by a scope that includes manual therapy. You will need to upload a copy of your license, demonstrating that manual therapy is in your scope of practice. And, you will have to attend a 16-hour live manual therapy workshop, which will be priced similar to other workshops in the industry (currently $699.00).

What is covered in the Integrated Manual Therapist (IMT) Certification:

The IMT certification is manual therapy focused. This certification requires the completion of credits in the following categories:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Movement Assessment
  • Special tests
  • Integrated Functional Anatomy of Joints
  • Gadgets
  • Research Corner
  • Electives
  • Live Workshop

What is the Integrated Manual Therapist (IMT) certification?

The IMT is a comprehensively evidence-based certification (courses built from comprehensive literature review) that is focused on an integrated approach to therapeutic intervention. You must achieve 80 credits, all credits are approved for CECs, and 64 of the 80 credits are completed online and included in membership. We have been working on this project for more than a year, and our plan has always been to mandate the completion of a 16-hour live workshop. Despite the recent pandemic, we still think a live workshop component will be mandatory for this credential to become one of the most respected credentials in the industry. Currently we are keeping track of how many people have started the IMT, how fast individuals are finishing individual online courses, and are hoping that by the first half of 2021 we will be able to launch the IMT workshop in at least 5 cities across the USA. In the interim, we may create a certificate that signifies you have finished the online learning (but not the live workshop), for example, "IMT Candidate". If these solutions are not sufficient, we will find additional solutions. We can assure you that we are 100% on your side.

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