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We are the highest-rated personal training Certification with 100s of Google Reviews and an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars!

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American Council of Education (ACofE)

The Brookbush Institute is one of the few certifications with approval following a comprehensive, systematic review, by a panel of 3rd party, subject matter experts (peer-review), and mapping with recommendations for college credit.

All courses also approved for Continuing Education Credits

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Certification Roadmap

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Research Corner

1 credits

Introduction to Functional Anatomy

9 credits

Integrated Functional Anatomy of Muscles

3 credits

Overhead Squat Assessment

4 credits

Corrective Exercise

5 credits

Strength and Performance Training

18 credits


10 credits

CPT Certification

50 credits

The Brookbush Institute is the best-reviewed certification and course provider in the industry.

I recently completed the CPT course. It was demanding yet practical. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting an education about human movement.

Brookbush Institute is what I was looking for to find an outcomes- and research-based resource for personal trainer education.

Brookbush Institute has amazing educational content to help fitness professionals stay on the cutting edge! Amazing Certified Personal Training Course!

Brookbush is the most efficient Personal Training Certification I have ever come across. All the lessons are well thought out and very straight to the point.

Amazing option for a personal training certification! Brookbush offers a 'learn on the go' accredited certification as well as weekend extensive courses. 5 stars.

Challenging concepts are explained in very understandable terms without dumbing down the material, and I find this program to be superior in quality to other personal training programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the CPT, HMS and IMT certifications?

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) focuses on "Strength and Performance". Human Movement Specialist (HMS) focuses on "Corrective Exercise". Integrated Manual Therapist (IMT) focuses on "Manual Therapy".

How many credits/hours do I need to complete the Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification?

50 Credits - Each credit is estimated to be 1 hour of study (Mergener Formula estimates). However, there are no time limits, and you are free to take as long (or as short) as you need to finish a course.

What is covered in the Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification?

The CPT certification is strength and performance focused. This certification requires the completion of credits in the following categories:

  • Strength and Performance
  • Introduction to Functional Anatomy
  • Overhead Squat Assessment
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Research Corner
  • Electives

How do I become certified?

As a member, you gain access to our full course library. Complete a specific number of credits in various categories to earn a certificate; each course passed counts as credit without extra fees or final exams. Our "Recommended Course Order" feature guides your learning journey.

Do gyms accept this CPT certification?

Our certification, backed by the latest industry content for $19.99/month, is widely recognized and respected, but gyms may have their own preferences. If you have a specific employer in mind, consult with them about our certification. We're working on partnerships to link certified professionals with local employers.

Can I get liability insurance upon completion of the CPT certification?

Yes, in fact we even have liability insurance partners that offer a discounted rate to Brookbush Institute certified professionals:
United States - insurefitness.com/partners/brookbush
Canada - www.ineedapolicy.com

Does this certification count toward level III or IV in Australia?

We are a USA based company. Many employers in Australia respect our credentials; however, we will need to do more research on how this certification may contribute to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Currently, it is likely best to consider our credential as something unrelated to the AQF. On a side note, many of the courses included in the CPT certification have been approved by Fitness Australia.

If I acquire the Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification can I work in any state in the USA or province in Canada?

Yes, our CPT is widely respected in the USA and Canada where personal training is industry-regulated. Employers decide preferred credentials, so if you have a specific one in mind, consult them about our certification. If self-employed, certification choice is linked to liability insurance availability. We provide discounted rates for insurance via partners in the United States and Canada.

If I cancel my membership will I lose my certification status?

Your certification is valid as long as you have completed 20 credit hours of education on the Brookbush Institute platform within the last 2 years. Certification status is not tied to your membership status. You do not lose certifications, nor do you lose progress toward any certification when you cancel. You can re-join at any time and pick-up where you left off.

Is your certification accredited by the NCCA?

The Brookbush Institute is 3rd party approved by the American Council of Exercise, which is a superior alternative to NCCA accreditation. For more information head to - What is NCCA national commission for certifying agencies?

How long does it take to complete the certification?

It depends on how fast you can finish approximately 50 hours of study. There are no time limits or expiration dates. One of the many things we love about the monthly membership model is giving students the ability to dictate the pace of their education.

Are these certificates registered with Reps in UK? When I finish these courses will my name be registered with reps?

Our courses are certified by REPs UK and CIMSPA, ensuring their approval for continuing professional development (CPD) credits for UK's registered exercise professionals. However, as a US-based company, we aren't authorized to certify individuals as exercise professionals in the UK. We're in the early stages of investigating how we can become a provider for the regulated development of these professionals.

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