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Wall slides used for serratus anterior activation
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Serratus Anterior Exercises (Activation)

Serratus Anterior exercises for improving movement dysfunction, posture, shoulder pain, neck pain, scapulothoracic pain, winged scapula, and sports performance. Great scaptions, wall angles, and wall slide activations for the serratus anterior.

Brent Brookbush

Brent Brookbush


Course Description: Serratus Anterior Exercises (Activations)

This course describes serratus anterior exercises, commonly referred to as serratus anterior activation. Performing upward rotation, posterior tipping, and depression of the scapula, with thoracic extension, may improve recruitment (isolation) of this important muscle. The serratus anterior acts as an upward rotator, depressor, and protractor of the scapulothoracic joint, and is likely the primary stabilizer of the shoulder girdle (scapula). It is common to include these exercises in a program designed to address scapula elevates (scapula dyskinesis) ; however, these exercises may also be recommended to address arms fall, thoracic kyphosis, and cervical dysfunction. Addressing these signs has been correlated with improving and reducing the risk of neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder pathology, thoracic kyphosis, shoulder impingement syndrome, and improving sports performance. Movement professionals (personal trainers, physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists, etc.) should consider adding these exercises to their repertoire with the intent of improving patient/client outcomes from their integrated exercise programs and therapeutic (rehabilitation) interventions.

Isolated Muscle Activation Exercises:

Reactive Muscle Activation Exercises

Subsystem Integration Exercises

Last, it is important to integrate the increase in serratus anterior activity into functional exercise. The Brookbush Institute accomplishes this with intrinsic stabilization subsystem, anterior oblique subsystem, and posterior oblique subsystem integration. Some example movements for these purposes include:

Wall slides used for serratus anterior activation
Caption: Wall slides used for serratus anterior activation

Study Guide: Serratus Anterior Exercises (Activation)

Introduction to Serratus Anterior Exercises

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Overactive Synergists

Optimizing Motion (Best Practice)

Research on Serratus Anterior Exercises

Best Exercises for Serratus Anterior Isolated Activations

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Integrated Stabilization

3 sub-categories

Reactive Activation

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Sample Activation Circuit: Serratus Anterior Exercises


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